Fading Acne Scars And Sun Damaged Spots: What Treatments Can Be Done?

Those sunspots and acne scars tell a little bit about you, but that doesn't mean you want your story written all over your face. Those spots on your skin may darken or worsen with time, or you may accumulate even more, giving you less youthful skin and making you look much older than you actually are. To give you a more youthful appearance, there are things you can do to fade these spots on your skin. Read on for a few treatments that may help give you this more youthful look.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can be used to cosmetically lighten the scars and spots on your skin. It is a dermatology treatment that can be done in the office, although with certain types of lasers, you may need to be put out for the treatment. The laser is used to lighten these scars and spots by removing the outer layer of your skin. It will take a few days for your skin to heal and you may feel some tenderness, as well as have some redness and irritation for a few days afterward. Laser treatments are an effective way to lighten your skin and even out the tone, although this cosmetic procedure may not be covered by most insurance companies.

Skin Lightening Creams

Creams may also be used to treat sunspots and acne scarring. Treatments that contain hyaluronic acid can help to fade these spots on the skin and can also even out skin tone. There are a number of other skin lightening treatments that you can also try that can be prescribed by your dermatologist. Use the cream in the spots where you have the most sun damage or acne scars and watch them fade. If you feel any irritation or reaction to the creams, you should cease using them right away.


Microdermabrasion is a treatment used by the dermatologist to buff the skin and remove dead skin cells. It gently removes the outer layer of the skin to even out tone and texture. It can help to remove lighter scars and sun spots for a more even tone. This is also something that can be done at the dermatologist's office.

If you have acne scars and sunspots on your skin and you want a more youthful appearance, talk to your dermatologist about these and other treatments that can be used and that may be right for your skin.

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