Skin Issues That Signal The Need For A Dermatologist

When many people think about medical care, they think about primary care physicians and medical specialists. However, many don't think about dermatologists. In fact, dermatologists play a key role in your well-being in many ways. Some of the symptoms that you might be dismissing as just a nuisance could actually benefit from a dermatologist's treatment. Here's a look at a few of the symptoms that you should watch for that mean you should call your local dermatologist.

Persistent, Problematic Acne

Many people dismiss acne as just something that everyone deals with and assume that even persistent, problematic acne in the adult years is unavoidable. The truth is that you don't have to suffer from acne and breakouts. A dermatologist can not only evaluate your breakouts and confirm whether or not it is acne, since some other skin conditions can mimic it, but they can also give you prescription-strength treatments that are often more effective than the over-the-counter products most people use. 

Worrisome Or Changing Moles

Even if it's only one, having any mole that's concerning or has changed in color, size, or shape should be a sign that you need to talk with a dermatologist. Changing moles can be an early indication of skin cancer and other serious conditions that will need a dermatologist's assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Don't dismiss any changing spots on your skin. Reach out to a dermatologist for a consultation just to be safe.

Uncomfortable Dry, Itchy Skin

Everyone deals with some level of dry and itchy skin, especially in the winter months. However, this is usually brief and mild. If you have been struggling with dry, itchy, or scaly skin for more than a week or two, it's in your best interest to reach out to a dermatologist. Eczema and other similar skin conditions can cause symptoms like this, and these things are easily treated when you get the right diagnosis. 

Long-Lasting Rash

You might expect to have a small rash if you've come in contact with a topical allergen or something of that sort, but rashes that appear without explanation and don't seem to go away, even if they aren't itchy, should still be evaluated by a dermatologist. Rosacea and other similar skin conditions can cause rashes that may be uncomfortable or just unsightly. If you have discovered a rash that doesn't seem to be healing or one that you're not sure the cause of, reach out to a local dermatologist for an evaluation.

Skin conditions can be just as uncomfortable and bothersome as other medical problems, and they should be taken just as seriously. If you have any of these symptoms or any other concerns with your skin, talk with a dermatologist for help.

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When many people think about medical care, they think about primary care physicians and medical specialists. However, many don't think about dermatolo