3 Ways To Reduce Acne Scarring On Your Face

Did you suffer with acne for several years? Now that your skin may have cleared up, there is a chance that you have noticed dark spots and scars left behind. These spots and scars are a painful reminder of the days when you once suffered from acne. If you are feeling less confident because the scarring is noticeable, you might be looking into different ways to improve the look and feel of your skin. Even though acne scarring is difficult to deal with, there are several options available that could help to transform your skin and significantly improve the way that it looks.

The Chemical Peel

One of the different types of treatment commonly offered to patients with acne scarring is a chemical peel. It may sound a bit frightening, but this procedure is known to help improve the overall texture of your skin so that it appears much smoother and softer than before. The whole purpose of the chemical peel is to literally remove the top layer of the skin where the scarring is most noticeable.

During a chemical peel treatment, the cosmetic dermatologist may apply a specific type of acid to the face. The most common acids used for peels include glycolic and salicylic acids. Some stronger acids may be used for those with deeper scarring. After receiving a treatment, your skin may initially be red and slightly irritated. Your face may begin peeling shortly after. The peeling of your skin is completely normal and is only part of the process. After the skin has peeled off, you may instantly notice that your face looks smoother and healthier, with fewer visible marks.

Dermal Fillers

Aside from chemical peels, there is another type of treatment that is commonly offered by the dermatologist. You could get dermal filler injections placed in and around the areas where your acne scarring is most noticeable. The injections help to instantly make the skin look plumper than it did before, thus filling in most of the dents that may have been left behind from previous blemishes. While the effects of this treatment are not exactly permanent, they do tend to last for quite a while. In fact, depending on what type of filler is used, it may be possible for your results to last up to two years. Once the results start to fade, you can always go back to see the dermatologist to receive more dermal fillers if you feel like you still need them.


If your scars are not too deep, dermabrasion could be the best cosmetic treatment for you to receive. During this process, the top layer of skin is carefully exfoliated to remove the dead skin. When the dead skin begins shedding, your face may have a smoother appearance with a youthful glow. After just one dermabrasion session, you may notice a huge difference. The scars that were once extremely visible may no longer be nearly as noticeable. If you continue to receive treatments, it may be possible to completely rid your face of those unwanted acne scars.

Dealing with scarring caused by acne is difficult for several reasons. You may have already had to deal with the pain and embarrassment of the acne itself, and the last thing you probably want to have to deal with now is marks on your skin to remind you of that time in your life when you were dealing with consistent breakouts. Even though it may be hard for you to deal with, there are some treatments available that could make a huge difference for you. Chemical peels, dermal fillers, and dermabrasion tend to work wonders on the skin and may drastically improve the texture of your face in no time.

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