2 Reasons To Make An Appointment With Your Dermatologist

Visiting your dermatologist regularly is an extremely important thing to do, mostly because of the various ways in which the dermatologist can help keep your skin healthy and looking as good as it possibly can. Listed below are two reasons to make an appointment with your dermatologist.

Get An Annual Skin Cancer Screening

The single most important reason to make an appointment with your dermatologist is to get an annual skin cancer screening. In many cases, you can keep track of any worrying spots or growths that could be a potential sign of skin cancer, but there are always going to be places that you may not be able to check on simply because they are on an awkward party your body or simply difficult to see. However, an annual skin cancer screening can help you avoid that issue because the dermatologist is going to do a complete head-to-toe inspection of your entire body in order to find any worrying growths or spots.

Once any worrying spots have been located, the dermatologist will likely schedule further appointments for you in a few weeks or months. The point of these appointments is to see if those growths have become worse and are potentially cancerous. This is extremely useful because the sooner that a dermatologist can diagnose that you have skin cancer, the more effective any potential skin cancer treatments are going to be when it comes to saving your life.

Improve The Appearance Of Your Skin

Another reason to make an appointment with the dermatologist is in order to improve the appearance of your skin. A dermatologist like Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center actually has a lot of resources at his or her disposal when it comes to making your skin look more youthful and healthy. The dermatologist will have the ability to minimize the appearance of any scars that you may have developed over the years, including acne scars.

In addition, dermatologists will also be able to help you with some of the appearance changes that can come about due to simple aging. In that situation, the doctor can help you eliminate or prevent any wrinkles that you have from getting worse.

Contact a local dermatologist today in order to discuss how he or she may be able to help you with your skin issues. You will want to make an appointment with your dermatologist to get an annual skin cancer screening and to improve the cosmetic appearance of your skin.

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