Too Much Or Too Little Sun? The Confusing Skin Cancer Debate

Skin cancer is among the most dangerous and destructive types in the world. One of the toughest parts about preventing and treating it is the debate between its causes. For example, some argue that too much sun is the primary cause while others state too little sun is the culprit. Who is right? Both sides are partly right. That's why sun exposure must be carefully balanced as a preventative and potential treatment for skin cancer.

A Lack Of Sunlight May Be A Contributing Factor

Most people have heard that excessive exposure to the sun could increase their risk of skin cancer. However, another argument states that too little can also contribute to this problem. For example, indoor workers have been shown to suffer from increasing rates of melanoma when compared to those who work outside. How is this a possibility?

The problem here is that the sun also helps the skin produce higher levels of vitamin D. Without this vitamin, the skin is less healthy and may end up developing cancer. This vitamin is produced by UVB rays, which are surface-level only. However, UVA rays go deeper in the skin and cause an increased risk of skin cancer.

But Too Much Sunlight Can Also Be A Concern

While some argue that lack of UVB ray exposure is the biggest cause of skin cancer, most experts disagree. They argue that a combination of that and exposure to UVA rays causes the mutation of cells on the skin. The sad thing is that both sides are right and a person is stuck in a difficult situation.

On the one hand, they have to get some skin exposure to increase their production of vitamin D. But on the other, they can't get too much or they risk developing mutated skin cells. Thankfully, experts have figured out just how much of the sun is required.

Striking A Careful Balance

Avoiding skin cancer is a careful balancing act of getting enough UVB ray exposure and avoiding UVA rays. Experts suggest that a few minutes of exposure during the sunniest part of the day should be enough UVB rays for most people. This amount of exposure will activate the skin's vitamin D production in a safe and effective way. However, too much exposure will actually cause UVA to destroy the vitamin.

Before that happens, it is important to protect the skin from UVA with various items. For example, long-sleeved shirts and hooded shirts could help protect much of the skin from UVA damage. Sunglasses and sunscreen also help. These simple steps are things that just about any person can do on their own and shouldn't cost much to implement.

By following these guidelines, a person can stay free of skin cancer for their life. However, there is also a chance that it could still develop. When this happens, skin cancer treatments are important to implement right away.

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