Women Who Can't Get Rid Of Their Adult Acne? The Reason May Surprise You

If you're an adult female with severe acne, you might try everything in your power to get rid of it. But if your acne becomes worse, the hormone changes in your body may be the reason for it. Until you address the root of your adult acne, your treatments might not work as effectively as you want. Here's how hormonal changes affect your older adult skin and what you can do to overcome these issues.

How Can Hormonal Changes Bother Your Skin?

Your skin can experience many changes as you reach middle age. These changes can increase the oil production (sebum) inside your skin's pores. Your skin may also have problems getting rid of the dead cells it sheds. Instead of slough off the surfaces of your skin, the cells build up around the hair follicles in your pores. The combination of dead skin cells and sebum can plug up your pores.

In addition, the hormonal changes in your body can also interfere with your ability to sleep, especially if you have hot flashes that keep you up at night. When you don't sleep properly at night, your cortisol levels rise. Cortisol can trigger inflammatory responses in your skin that lead to breakouts.

Although you can't stop the hormonal changes in your body from occurring, you can take steps to treat your acne.

What Can You Do About Your Acne?

The first step to controlling your adult acne is to manage your hormonal changes better. Your regular doctor may offer treatments that balance out your hormone production. You can also exercise more to reduce your stress levels and improve your sleep at night.

Also, seek help from a dermatologist who can treat your skin breakouts. A skin specialist can examine your skin and prescribe treatments that not only clear up your pores but improve the texture, elasticity, and strength of your skin. Sometimes, OTC creams and ointments can be too strong or too weak to clear out your pores. The over-the-counter treatments may solve one issue but cause another.

Finally, monitor your diet during the day. Try to eat plenty of fresh fruit, nuts, and vegetables to replenish your skin's nutrients. Healthy, clear skin requires nutrients like vitamin E to fight inflammation, cell damage, and other critical issues. Your skin can lose nutrients when you sweat or experience illness. Your meals may include almonds, avocados, and spinach. Be sure to keep your skin hydrated with water, green tea, and unsweetened fruit juices.

If you want to learn more about adult acne and how hormones can cause it, contact a skin specialist like Associated Skin Care Specialists today.

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